Sunday, 28 July 2013

Berry Boxes

The Stampin' Up ceramic berry box.


Choose your cardstock and cut two pieces each of the following measurements:
9cm x 21cm
1.5cm x 21cm

On the two 9cm x 21cm pieces, score along the 21cm length at:

6.5cm and 14.5cm

On the two 1.5cm x 21cm pieces score along the 21cm length at:
10cm and 20cm


On the two 9cm x 21cm pieces mark in 0.5cm in at the score lines.
Along the 21cm lengths draw a line from one corner to the
first 0.5cm mark then to the second 0.5cm mark and then to the
last corner. Cut out along lines and discard.

If you want the cut-outs on the Berry Boxes I am hoping the pictures and measurements below
are self explanatory. If you plan on making a few of the boxes I suggest making one template
in chipboard that you can just draw around. I have also used the Stampin' Up word window
punch as a template for the cut outs. My preference for cutting is the SU snips but you may find it better to use a crafts Knife?
Once you have done the cut-outs attach as below with tape or glue.
The two 1.5cm x 21cm strips once bent at right angles along the score lines
have two sides measuring 10cm and a 1cm tab.
Glue or tape the tabs and join as below to form a square.
Tape or glue the square strip to the top of the box.
If you don't want the cut-outs why not use embossing folders to add the
I have used the SU Woodgrain Embossing Folder for a rustic looking box
and also the wonderful new
Beautifully Baroque Embossing Folder, so pretty.
I have made this post in response to requests from fellow crafters
who wanted to have a go at making some berry boxes for themselves.
So I hope this has been helpful, Angie. x


  1. Angie-thankyou so much for this. Your makes are gorgeous and these boxes are fabulous. Am definitely going to make some now.

  2. Thankyou from me as well. I was wondering how you had made them. So kind of you to put the tutorial on. You do make really gorgeous things. Anne x