Monday, 11 November 2013

         Festive Flurry Framelits Christmas Trees

 Hello, here is a tutorial as requested on how to make these cute little Christmas trees using the Festive Flurry Framelits from Stampin' Up.
All you basically need are the Framelits, some card, ( I used Whisper White) your Big Shot Die cutter or other die cutter.
A pair of scissors, some liquid glue a glue gun and kebab sticks. 
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 Optional to decorate, you could emboss the card stock, add glitter, diamonds or the Stampin' Up Dots.
I used glitter and diamonds on the little white tree with the base but as with most things Stampin' Up
the pictures don't do the products justice and you cannot see how sparkly it really is.
Hopefully when/if you make yours you will be even more pleased seeing them in the flesh.
I think they would make a cute centre piece or could be used as little props on your craft stall
or such like.
You can make them in a selection of sizes depending on how many snowflakes you use and also the distance apart you space them.
You can make them so they are like natural trees that have layers all the way to the base or make ones like the green one with dots which I have stuck into a cork base. (I knew there was a reason I saved all my wine bottle corks!)
So to make:
Cut out 9 snowflakes, 2 of each of the snowflakes and a 3rd one of the largest size.
Cut a quarter section off every snowflake and discard.
Make 9 cones with the remaining piece of the snowflake.
Curve the card until one side of the snowflake sits on top of the corresponding pattern.
(Hope that makes sense, I will do another picture if any confusion.)
Glue down.
Once you have glued all the 9 pieces and the glue is dry snip a little hole at the top
of every cone except one of the smallest cones.

Get your glue gun ready and start assembling the tree starting with the largest first.
(I skewered all the holes first to make sure they smoothly went onto the stick and also marked the
stick with a pencil from the base at 2cm then at every 1cm. For inches it is roughly 3/4 inch then every half inch. You could easily do this by eye but I just marked it off so I knew where to put the hot glue. I would advise also you add the cones from the pointy top bit as they slide on easier.)
Glue under each mark and add a snowflake, the first two large ones are put on at the 2cm (3/4") mark and slightly above. This forms the base and ensures the trees stand up. (On the first of the largest snowflakes you can bend the end of the flakes to further aid its ability to stand securely.)
Then add the remaining snowflakes, offsetting them to give a random tree effect until you come to the last one without the hole at the top. Cut off the remaining kebab stick leaving about half a cm (1/4") and glue on final piece.

For the trees with the cork base I only used 8 snowflakes, I cut down a bottle cork and made a hole in the centre for the kebab stick which you can glue if needed for stability.

Decorate as you wish.

As you can see I used embossing folders to give the card texture, I cut out the snowflakes first
and then placed in the embossing folders.

 Hope this tutorial has been useful for those who requested it and I hope you will have a go at making them. X


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